About Elina Aho-Brennan

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Elina has graduated from the prestigious Glasgow School of Art in 2012 with Merit (Master´s Degree in Fine Art Practice, Painting) and she has held numerous solo (20) and group (40) exhibitions in Finland, UK, and USA. Furthermore, she has worked in collaboration with professionals from contemporary dance, physical theatre and sound art in her innovative live drawing performances. She has been also curating both local and international exhibitions and creating an artist-led gallery space (Art Lab Viiskulma, Helsinki). Elina´s artistic practice has also formed through artist residencies abroad, at School of Visual Arts in New York (2011), Triangle Residency in Brooklyn (2015), and Royal College of Arts in London (2017).

Her teaching expertise is strong and vast, with current teaching practice at The University of the Arts Helsinki and Critical Academy Helsinki. She has also worked with multiple organizations and multidisciplinary projects as an artist or a facilitator, to name a few: City of Helsinki Executive Office Young Artist 2014-2015, Climate.Now-project 2015-2016, Helsinki City Museum and Drawing D5 Gallery Embodied City- community art project 2015-2017. She has also been coaching artists and students in their work life skills, currently in collaboration with Kaakon Taide, University of the Arts Helsinki and University of Helsinki.

Photography courtesy of the Gabriel Teague.


email: aho.elina@gmail.com

instagram: @elinaahostudio

More about me and my professional practice (in Finnish)

Inquiries and collaboration proposals are welcome! I work in the fields of visual art, and training of arts professionals and students.

I am open-minded for collaboration with professionals from different fields of arts, science and education. I have worked with professionals from fields of arts, science, education, museum pedagogy, training/ coaching, city planning, organizational development, and movement practices.

Listen to the interview of Elina (in Finnish) at YLE Tekijä (Kulttuuriohjelma Uuden sukupolven huipuista)