This exhibition would feature works on paper and paintings on canvas installed side by side. The series for the exhibition has become in 2011 in Glasgow (research project Physical Gestures) and the artist has continuously worked on the same subject until today.


The small works on paper are placed individually inside white frames and joined together in a grid format. The work consists of at least 100 small individual drawings placed on the walls, creating an unified installation. Also some life-size or larger drawings are displayed unframed, creating an aliveness of the installation, enabling the feeling of the materiality of the paper and the physicality of the gesture of the drawing. There are 68 drawings on charcoal on movement (individual size of the paper 59 x 84 cm). The exhibition would also consist of abstractions of the bodily experience, painting on canvas, thus creating a dynamic composition within the exhibition space.  The drawings depict the human body and embodied emotions, and the body in movement, as a quick, direct response in drawing. The paintings themselves are portraying the embodiment from the sense of feelings in the body, and are abstractions, colours and forms in an interplay with each other.



The artist works in drawing, painting and live drawing performance, in collaboration with professional from other fields of art (for example, dancers Sami Rekola and Laura Voutilainen, musician Mikko H-Haapoja). The artist works in an explorative, expressive ways, and in multiple media, ranging from pencil, ink, self-made tools for charcoal, and oil. She has also started to sketch digitally for the inspiration for more complete art works.

A multidisciplinary performance combining live drawing, movement and sound art would be organized.